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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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>> i wanted to thank all of the unions for all of their hard work. we have all 28 of them that signed. that is remarkable and very impressive. thank you for coming here today. ramone and mike, and operating engineers, and the other mike. i should clarify we are targeting regional higher. that is what we've been doing. we have been doing only that because it is a regional project because we of east bay and santa clara as our partners, so we have been doing that in doing that quite well, and we can continue to do that when we get our updates. thank you. [applause] supervisor kim: one last comment. thank you to the carpenters and laborers for pushing for the harmony letter.
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it is something that i strongly support. i was educated through that through the treasure island development agreement. is there a motion? motion to move. there is a second. all in favor? any opposed? all right. the motion passes unanimously. [applause] can we please call item no. 8? >> approving a resolution of intention to initiate the process of direct a contract in with the california public employees retirement system to continue providing retirement benefits to employees of tjpa , and the resolution authorizing the employer pick up of employee contributions. >> we contacted with local government services to provide benefits, medical and retirement
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benefits, but now that we have grown, we are working to zero we save money and be as cost- effective as possible. we now have the ability to adjust contractor rep we wiconth calpers, and that it does all it really is. we save money now and now have -- the long route to go through a middle person. supervisor kim: any questions on this item? director risk iesiskin: the actl numbers seem to be somewhere out of line with where the rest of
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the city and state are headed in terms of generosity, and i do not know if in this action here or affirming or establishing those, and i recognize the difference between existing employees and prospective employees, but 2% of 55 based on a one-year final year compensation and 7% pickup seem to beat very far out of line -- seem to be very far out of line with where this is -- were the city is going. and i do not know if this is the action -- >> the action is allowing us to enter into an agreement to negotiate various benefits, but we're very unlike any other entity. we are stopped at 13, managing thousands of employees, contractors, consultants, professional service workers.
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we're very different from other agencies or other state entities in that respect so sara, maybe you can add more to that. >> we're bringing this recommendation to you, largely because we have identified cost savings. once the implementation has taken place, there should be several thousand dollars savings per month. we want this transition to be seamless to the employees, so this is merely taking all of the existing benefits and exactly as they are currently offered, and transferring them over to a new contract. i certainly understand that the city, hundreds and thousands of employees, there are certainly a large pension obligations and health-care operations for
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retirees, but we're talking about a staff of 13 people that were hired with the expectation of this benefit. as an employer with less than 100 members, we're going to be in the pool with all look the other employe years with less than 100 employees that offer the same benefit, 2% at 55 pulo. as we're making employer contemplate -- contributions, there is no contemplation. there is no unfunded liability for tgpa. they have what they call a side fund, which is the equivalent of a planned unfunded liability. they have the option of paying that out in a lump sum one-time payment.
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it is projected to be under $3,500. so we certainly would pay that off in a 1-1 some benefit. that would make the employer rate cut down by a couple hundreds of a percent from 10.3 to 10.2 something. and so again, i certainly understand the concerns and issues that bombards your agency with thousands of employees and looking at future obligations are going through, but i would hope that in making a recommendation as management for an opportunity to save money that we would not be asking employees to reduce their benefits that they expected to receive when there were hired. >> if an entity have less than 100 employees, you would be a part of the same pool that we are part of. it is because we only have 13 people. that is the difference. it's an francisco have 100 or
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less, they would be part of the sample. >> just to clarify, i did try to distinguish between existing and prospective employees. there are rights that the current employes have for that reason alone that maybe something that we would want to contemplate a dressing, although it is being done at somewhat for city employees. and but i want to understand how this pool works. because we are part of this pool, we have no ability to do other than 2% at 55 or cinko and final year compensation with the employer picking up the 7%? >> you would be part of another pool offering a different level of benefit. >> does such a pull exist? there are pulls at 2% at 60, but you cannot be partly in the 2%
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at 55 pool for your career employee and 2% at 60 pool for future employees. all employees are required to have five years to end test. >> we do not anticipate having more than one or two more employees. we have been operating with less than 13 cents 2003. we are now it 2011. we would potentially bring on one or two more people and a construction manager, and that is it. we do not anticipate bringing on anymore. >> wouldn't the reforms that are being offered plan for members for future employees apply to future employees? >> we will be members of the system. >> anything they do would apply
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to us. >> is there any other questions or comments? >> i made a motion. supervisor kim: there has been a motion in the second. we have a motion on the floor, and that has been seconded. all in favor? any opposed? cnn, at this motion passes. -- seeing none, this motion passes. can we get an update on that next month? how long to you anticipate the negotiation to last? to go there is actually a formal laid out process. the next step will be after this meeting. we will have you signed the resolution of contention that just passed. we send that to calpers. there is an election to join the system, even though they are already in it. and then there is a final
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resolution we will bring to you in december when we will also bring the required program resolution. >> thank you. item #9. >> item #9 is the annual review of for policy and a price " -- approval of minor changes to the policy in conformance with california state government code. >> i work for policy for investments was originally approved -- reoriginally approvd in 2006. we did the review back and they come up the state's commission on debt and investments, they are little behind in getting their annual updates up, so by adopting their annual update for 2011 at this time, and then getting ourselves on their annual schedule for 2012, we will look at the investment policy again next fall.
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that will line up better with their schedules. the updates they released in 2011 are fairly minor in nature. they change their ratings of different investments you are allowed to invest in as a public agency. they also took away some of the previous restrictions they have in place on percentage of portfolio. that is the reason why i wanted to incorporate the june -- the changes sooner rather than later. the main restriction they had was limiting 10% of your portfolio to being held in a bank account. that often required a lot of transferring back and forth. this offers more flexibility and a little bit of more cash flow flexibility. i can answer any more questions. supervisor kim: can you talk in more detail about the portfolio? >> we keep the cash we need for
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short-term obligations and -- in our checking account, and the ballots in the city and county school. we do not invest ourselves in any other instruments at this time. when we need a transfer, we work with the comptroller's office on taking it out of the pooled account. we do have trust the accounts set up for the time when we start collecting tax increment proceeds and when there are land sale proceeds. we direct the trustee to invest per the permitted investments, because safety and liquidity are the primary objectives. we're currently instructing them to invest in treasuries, and i foresee that will probably be our instruction for quite some time, unless the market drastically changes. supervisor kim: any questions or comments? is there a motion needed for
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this item? second by director ortiz. all in favor? any opposed? this motion passes. >> item 10 is approving the minutes of the october 13 meeting. supervisor kim: any amendments needed for the minutes? >> motion to approve. supervisor kim: all in favor? the motion passes. and any other announcements? >> that does conclude your agenda for the day. supervisor kim: any other announcements? seeing none, we are adjourned.
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>> and good evening, ladies and gentlemen. open to the entertainment commission on tuesday, november 8. the first item is to call the roll. [roll call] we have a quorum.
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>> public comment. members of the public may address commissioners within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to agenda items, members of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes at the time such item is called. is there anybody that would like to address the commission that is not on the night's agenda? simenon, review and approve the minutes of july 12. and july 26, august 9 and october 11. is there a motion? >> second. >> ok. >> i am going to start over here. [roll call vote] >> ok, the august 9 meeting
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minutes will have to be continued. the meeting of july 12 can be heard. can we have a motion? no, on -- when? july -- the 9th we can't do. but we can do -- we can't do the 26th, but we can do july 12. four people were at that meeting. no, you're right. the remainder of the minutes will have to be continued. >> can someone make a motion for those continuances? >> i move to continue.
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>> second. >> same house, same call. >> item #3, report of the executive director. >> that's me. i have a lot to talk about and i will try to be fast about it. i haven't seen you guys in a while. i wanted to update you on commission appointments. as you know, commissioners, there are four of you out there and an additional commissioner that is not here because of the vacation. there are two vacancies on the commission right now. in terms of creating a corps of -- quorum. we will use these numbers because they are the only thing that are consistent year after year. siege #2 and seeded no. 6. there is an announcement -- seat
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number two and seat number six. potentially december 1 and if need be, december 15 at the latest. we need more people to apply to that position, so if anybody watching or the commission would like to help promote that announcement and that c., that will be really helpful. the male role appointment is on hold, -- mayoral appointment is on hold up until today. it will take some time for the mayor's office to move forward but we will be certainly be asking them on a regular basis. you should be aware that the mayor's office has been commenced -- will be requesting to speak with you if the
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attendance is above 75%. there have been quarterly attendance records oat their request. i think the intent to publish them as well. in an effort to use peer pressure and shame to get you to appear. [laughter] just an fyi. we are moving slowly but surely on credit card payment ability and online forms. i didn't get funding in the fiscal year to get that on line per matt going forward. i have put nicholas on the tasked for moving the payment a little more quickly. it takes too much time in government and hopefully we will see it by the end of the year. that is moving ahead and
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hopefully we will continue to update you and be able to say that we are live and on line. if you want to pay for your permits, you can do it with a credit card. again, i think i reported this on the date of this meeting. october 11, we had america's cup information session and it was really well attended. while they are still in the early planning stages, the event authority is interested in making sure that the nightlife community and the visitors take part in not just watching boat races but getting into the neighborhoods, staying in hotels. we will make sure that the entertainment industry is involved as it moves forward. i also wanted to let you know that along with the local grammy chapter and the film commission
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will be hosting a joint mixer from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m. hopefully, we will be making this quarterly. i attached a flier to your report. if anyone is interested, please come and let other folks know that there will be an event a blank that you can rsvp -- event link you can rsvp. in the last month, there have been to corrective actions we have taken based on violent incidents. based on an incident on the ninth of october regarding a discharge of a firearm, another permit violation staff suspended poe 804 issued to mike at the
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room for seven days. that suspension began the fourteenth of october. he did not reopen the venue and has since transferred ownership. i believe they are in possession but they are not operating -- they are almost done with the their permits. today, based on an incident that occurred halloween evening, essentially, and and around the permanent venue had john collins said 138 ministry, the incident resulted in an aggravated assault and the security plan violations. staff and the permit officer met with the permit holders today to discuss the police report that
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was quite lengthy and the security breaches. i will be issuing a director's order to impose conditions on john collins pursuant to police cut a section 1060. that will be done - -police c -- poliecce code section 1060. that will be done and hopefully we will have no problems again. that concludes my report. president newlin: you will see in your packets, two pages, one for tonight and also won for the twenty fifth of october which was the last meeting. you'll see a few of the things we are currently looking into complaints wise. -- complaint-wise. a west trigger for sound,
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neighbor complains. and we are looking at casa sanchez, also for sound. we are still looking into that particular venue for complaints, working whicith richmond statio. and also at 1108 howard street, an unpermitted venue that we are monitoring closely. we have given them of this, a warning twice. we think they are starting to behave. we are still looking at triggerman and at 11 l a -- trigger and 1108. casa sanchez and rocket room as stated earlier is turning into a
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bigger problem than first expected. when you will see lists of sfpd incidents. the permit officer will go over some of the happenings in his district. just as director caen said earlier, if the commissioners have any questions on those incidents, i can answer them. you'll also see lists of citations given out over the last month. any questions on those sheets? >> the pub, what was the permit violation? >> it was open after 2:00 and blocking the sidewalk and partially the street.
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moving part of the interior of the pub to the exterior environment in the form of tables and chairs for the world's cup rugby tournament. >> i am in that neighborhood and i don't usually see that kind of action. i was curious. president newlin: any public comment on the executive director's report? seeing none, item 4. police department comments and questions. >> good evening, commissioners
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and staff. a couple incidents over the last couple of weeks. we were out their halloween weekend. a couple things on sunday at club horizon. a brief narrative. a 19-year-old male operated, -- entered, he drank vodka until he passed out. the medics arrived in transported the subject to a hospital for treatment. the same night about 12:30 at the hyatt regency, a 22-year-old female was punched in the face. no suspect in custody. they did recover the tooth. at 12:25am at the impala, the
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victim was punched in the face for reportedly no reason. on saturday at atmosphere, security attempted to inject one aggressive and intoxicated patrons. another friend also refused to leave. the two were pushed out into the street where a fight ensued between security and suspects. police intervened and they used his baton to take them into custody. the level of intoxication at the club, sometimes you'll have fights. they seem to happen more often when people are loaded up. we look at what they're doing right and what they're doing long, but over serving is always a problem.


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